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Boss Cards in Rappelz

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Boss Cards in Rappelz
  • Published Tuesday, September 13, 2022 10:08 AM
  • Last modified Monday, October 31, 2022 5:09 PM

##Boss Cards and Collections in Rappelz In Rappelz there are a lot of boss cards. These provide your characters with different abilities. On the one hand, boss cards can be used directly and multiplied via the belt, on the other hand, they can be collected from an NPC. For these collections, your character gets bonus stats. NPC for Boss Collection

##Basic Boss Cards Baron Madius Boss Card Raymond Boss Card Ultimate Witch Boss Card Bear Mother Boss Card Oforia Boss Card Abhuva Boss Card Primal Scream Boss Card Taranaida Boss Card Crusty Boss Card Boss Card Liki CV Soul Seeker Takin Boss Card Lucius Silex The Giant Lady Ruina Kiscia Aurumis Dominatus the Mad Queen Eratia Ilrios CV Boss Card Finch you suck Ashmaw the Destroyer Sand Lord Kynish Draka Queen Eva Obsidikar Go THROUGH the Portal, or you won't find Obsidikar ever. ##Underground and Dungeon Boss Cards Butk for Grace Cube Dungeon Boss Rappelz Medusa Underground Dungeon Boss Card Black Widow PP1 Underground Microraptor Boss Bone Dragon Mephisto Circus Boss Circus Boss Lilith Soul of Lunacy ##DevilDome and more Boss Cards DevilDome Boss Ent DevilDome Cruel Tula Barga DD Boss Lion DD BEFREIT DEN KRAAAAAAKEN P Hektor Boss Card from H ROA M Hektor Card Collection Rappelz Crystal Golem Blood Slaughterer Yushiva Rappelz Wooden Devil Most ugly boss in Rappelz Stone Gargoyle DD BOss Magma Golem Hässlichste Stadt in Deutschland Devil Reviac ##Sky Boss Cards Devil Skeleton Troll Hunter Red Eye #Tabelle als Übersicht zu Boss Cards Image title Image title Image title Image title

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