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Celebrate the Mystical Christmas in Rappelz


Celebrate the Mystical Christmas in Rappelz
  • Published Friday, December 15, 2023 11:23 AM
  • Last modified Thursday, February 1, 2024 4:44 PM

The Celestial Quest of Eiren: Winter′s Pixie Queen

In the enchanting world of Rappelz, a tale whispers through the winter winds about Eiren, the Queen of Blue Pixies. This ethereal being, adorned in robes mirroring the frosty sky, held the power of winter′s elements. Eiren, known for her mysterious gifts, visited Rappelz once every century during the Celestial Cascade′s alignment, bestowing magical boxes filled with rare artifacts and ancient wisdom.

These treasures, however, were hidden across the lands - from Horizon′s bustling streets to the Rondo′s shadowed alleys. Only the bravest adventurers who dared to embrace the winter′s embrace could hope to uncover these secrets.

As the Celestial Cascade graces the sky this year, the air is charged with anticipation. The legends of Eiren and her mystical winter gifts are reborn. Adventurers of Rappelz, the call for an epic journey echoes across the realm. Will you uncover the hidden wonders and unravel the mysteries set forth by the Queen of Blue Pixies? The quest for Eiren′s gifts commences, bringing a Christmas adventure unlike any in Rappelz′s history.

Celebrate the Mystical Christmas in Rappelz: A Hunt for Festive Treasures!

This December, the world of Rappelz embarks on a festive journey unlike any other. From December 17th to 31st, the towns of Horizon, Katan, Laksy, Rondo, and the Hidden Village will transform into wonderlands of Christmas joy, hosting an extraordinary event to celebrate the season.

A Magical Tale Unfolds

In the heart of Rappelz, a legend whispers about the mysterious "Gift Giver," an enigmatic figure who once traversed the lands, leaving behind hidden treasures during the coldest winter. This year, the legend comes to life as magical gift boxes appear across major towns, inviting adventurers to partake in a festive scavenger hunt.

The Hunt for Festive Treasures

Every corner of Horizon, Katan, Laksy, Rondo, and the Hidden Village will be dotted with these enigmatic gift boxes. As a participant, your task is simple: find these boxes and collect them to accumulate points. The boxes will be seamlessly integrated into the game environment, providing an engaging and immersive experience.

Exciting Rewards Await

The excitement doesn′t end with just the hunt. There are lucrative rewards for those who rise to the top! The top 9 participants with the highest points will receive amazing prizes:

  • 1st Place: A 50€ Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd and 3rd Place: A 25€ Amazon Gift Card each
  • 4th to 9th Place: A 10€ code each

In addition, all participants who gather more than the average points (calculated from all participant scores where points are more than zero) will receive a free loot pet!

Join the Festivities! Mark your calendars and prepare for a festive adventure in Rappelz. Whether you′re a seasoned player or new to the realm, this event offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the season in a truly magical way. Gather your friends, explore the towns, and let the festive hunt begin!

Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting in Rappelz!