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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Published Thursday, May 6, 2021 10:09 AM
  • Last modified Wednesday, March 6, 2024 12:47 AM

I don't have a Hidden Village Pass!

If you are a new player who never had an Account before, you will get your first HV Pass after completing Tutorial Questline at the Spawn point. In case you are a returning Player who hasn't played for a while, you can buy a HV Pass for AP Point from the Mystic Tree NPC available in any city.

Why can't I upgrade my Job level? I have the Job Points to do so.

The maximum Job Level (Jlv) is half of your character level, e.g Character level 200 can only level up Job Level to Jlv 100. (200/2 = 100)

Is there an NPC for new players to receive buffs from?

Yes, the Buff Daddy is located in Hidden Village. For players below level 150 the Buff Daddy service is almost free and after reaching level 150 (master class) the service price got adjusted to 50 Million everytime you use it. The buff lasts for 2 hours, of course you can use refresh scroll to refresh the buff duration for cheaper price.

What is the highest level I can reach?

Currently the level cap is set at level 251 and as for Creatures the level cap is 210.

I'm always close to max weight limit, what's going on?

First, you want to check any uncombined "Essence of Power" in your Inventory, easy way is to double click on it because as soon as you have over 100.000 of any Item, the total amount is not visible anymore due to technical limitation. Since essence of power is basically the most common item to drop, you will definitely have a lot of it. Second, you want to check how many empty pet cards you carry because those can add up over time as well. Remember to get the biggest bag available from Mystic Tree NPC. In case the problem persists, put everything into warehouse and relog then put whatever you need back to your inventory.

What's the biggest bag I can use?

We have a specialized bag for character level 20 or below that you can buy from Mystic Tree NPC. It gives a huge amount of weight capacity of 60.000. It allows player to use any character as "warehouse" to avoid long loading time upon accessing warehouse.

Where can I find the Grandmaster Hector Empty Taming Card?

It can be found exclusively from Hidden Remains of the Ancients. It is a rare drop from Hectors Ghosts that spawn near the entrance every 3 minutes. Another way of encountering Hector group spawn is in Hotoga on the east pier, where the challenge of Player Kill (PK) will adds to the fun of the game.

I have 5 Talent Points, where can I get more?

You can gain more Talent Points by completing the Jewel quest from Rondo City at lv 160 (1 TP), the Remains of the Ancient quest line from City of Ruins at lv 170 (1 TP) and lastly the Blessing quest line (3 TP) which you can skip using Abbreviation Scroll. Here is a more detailed Guide for those Quests: https://play-rappelz.com/about/page/?url=talent-point-guide

I left my guild, Do I really have to wait for 7 days to join another guild?

You can make the waiting time faster. Instead of 7 days, you only need to wait for 3 hours by giving any Guild Official NPC 30 Marduka Coins.

I keep getting hunted by other players while farming. Is there anything I could do?

Yes, there is! Talk to the Dungeon Teleport NPC and teleport to Farming Zone where the PK mode is disabled.

I don't have the same Damage like other Players, what am I missing?

  • Check the buffs you have on your character. One thing you should take note, the maximum level of buffs are available from Highest Level Characters with the Buff Armor Set and +10 Skill Cards not the upgraded Buff Daddy Stone. You can also use different kind of buff items like Ripe Tomato, Almighty Pieces, Gaia Potion, etc. Some of the buff items may stack, try to experiment.
  • Check if your Armor/Gloves/Boots/Helmet is already awakened using the Final Awakening Stone you can purchase from Black Merchant NPC. Awakening your armor gives a lot of advantages. The awakening bonus will differs depending on your armor enchantment from +20 to +25.

Marketplace & Bit currency

Can I buy Bits from another players and how do they work?

Fortunately Gambit allows players to Buy Sapphires from the Cash Shop, converting Cash Shop currency (Bits) to in game item (Sapphires). This way, players can safely trade Sapphires (Bits) for in game currency (Ruppees) or any other in game items. In order to use the sapphires, players need to go to HV Market area (Northeast of HV) and talk to Bit Converter NPC. After few minutes, you can log on the website and find marketplace where you can use the Bits to buy Cash Shop items.

I didn′t receive my bonus Bits when recharging.

When you finish making the donation, you will get a notification that you already received all the Bits you deserved. The next step is, you have to click the Big Green "Confirm" Button located below Checkout. (https://play-rappelz.com/profile/settings/?panel=market).


My character does not show up on any of the website features, such as Bit conversion.

Make sure you have logged out from your account in the game.

I have an Issue, where can I get help?

Our Discord holds the main tunnel of communication. You can open a service ticket there. You can also check if a Moderator or GM is currently in game at the Support Helper NPC for instant QnA. Feel free to ping any Game Advisors, Moderator or GM on Discord (Channel --- Questions / Global Chat).