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First Steps on Rappelz Gambit - Beginner Guide

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First Steps on Rappelz Gambit - Beginner Guide
  • Published Thursday, August 25, 2022 1:47 PM
  • Last modified Monday, October 31, 2022 5:09 PM

Rappelz Gambit offers its players some Quality of Life changes to the vanilla experience. To help you know what to do in the first minutes, hours and days, here is this guide.

Image title Watch the Level Guide YouTube Video here.

In Rappelz there are many ways to level up and so each player can find his own way. This guide serves as an example for a fast way towards the endgame.

Oncest you started you may wanna follow the normal quests on the Trainee Island. DONT DO THIS. There is a Gambit NPC, which looks like a Djinn. Talk to him and follow his quests. If your account is new, you′ll get as well a free Hidden Village Pass. If you havent reveiced one, feel free to open a Ticket in the discord.

Do the Gambit Quests, get Buffs and feel free to follow thoose Instructions.

Where to go between Lv 1 - 50

Tip: Buy the return roll and set ur homepoint in hv. Then go to Moon 1 and lvl up to 50. Then switch to your first job and get the weapons and armor from the assistant. You will find the assistant in the Hv to the left of the buff daddy. Image title

##Lv 50 - 105 Then you go into the Crystal Valley. If you can find the koala, feel free to go to Hidden Dungeon If you can kill Crustalino directly. (You will become instant lvl 105) or if you can′t kill him just kill the other mobs until lvl 105 and change to the 2nd class and take the equipment from the assistant again. Image title

Where to Lv 105 - 150

As soon as you have done all this go back to Sanctuary hidden. Kill there the mobs until Lv 148. Then go back to the hidden village and get new equipment and renew your buffs the last time for free, since these are only free until Lv 150. The remaining 2 Lv you go to the temple of acients hc. Lv 150 - 160 Image title

Once you have passed your masterclass there are 2 ways to get to Lv 160. You can go directly to the circus but its better to go into the cube. Do this until you are Lv 160. It is also recommended to do the pit. 2 Rounds of Pit on a 400% bring you to 164.

Remains of the Ancient Lv 160 - 175

As soon as you reach Lv 160, Hero Hector will have a quest for you in the city of ruins to enter the Ruins of Ancients. After you have completed this, it is best to go directly to the Hidden if your equipment allows you to do it. (Otherwise just level up in the normal Ruins of the Ancients). Also recommended for faster solo lvl is to kill only the 4 chains of bosses because they give a lot of exp. There is a questline which you need to do to enter ROA. You can find it here. If you′re one of the lazy boys, you can ask someone to teleport you inside with a feather.

Devil Dome Lv 175+

At lvl 175 you can then complete the DD questline to enter the DD. Up to lvl 180 DD stage 3 and 4 would be the best. from 180 to 190 DD stage 4 and 5. from 190 then only DD stage 6. Devil Dome requires a Quest Line as well. Please find it here.

Blue Dragon Dungeon 195+

Once you have reached this lvl you will unlock the blue dragon dungeon where it is recommended to stay until around lvl 205 - 210. After you are between lvl 205 and 210 it is best to go to the sky fortress as this is currently the last high end dungeon.

Sky Quest Guide and Information are found here.

This Guide was compiled by the Player Hiich