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Gambit - A half year Retrospective

Update notes

Gambit - A half year Retrospective
  • Published Sunday, April 21, 2024 8:18 AM
  • Last modified Saturday, April 27, 2024 1:18 PM

Update from Teigo - Back in Action!

Hello Everyone

Its been a while we had a chat together! I hope you all are well. After a significant time period away due to health issues, I'm finally able to return, eager to get back into things. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the entire Gambit team, who stepped in during my absence. Special thanks to GM MisticJP, who seamlessly took over my responsibilities without hesitation. I cant thank you enough for having my back on this one!

Gambit Updates and Milestones

Over the past six months, a lot has happened on Gambit. And I figured while I catch up on things, I take you all along for the ride:


  • Game Modes and Content Updates
    • Ironclad game-mode:
      Successfully concluded its extensive testing phase, thanks you for participation and your feedback. Look forward to an improved version upon its return.
    • New Expedition Content:
      The new Expedition has replaced the old Ursa Caverns. Together with some new powerful Pets! This also marked Gambit's 3rd Anniversary!
    • Server Enhancements:
      We upgraded to a more powerful server to ensure smoother gameplay.


  • Team Changes
    • New Additions:
      Zorolath has joined us as a Moderator. Hi! =D Vanya is our latest Moderator addition and boy oh boy is she a busy bee!
    • Promotions:
      Congratulations to Nala, who has finally been promoted to a full time game-master!
    • Departures:
      We have said goodbye to Rhythm and Ulcer, our Turkish community moderators. We wish you both the best!
    • Recruitment:
      We are currently seeking a new Turkish community moderator to join our team.

Future Plans

Looking forward, we also have exciting developments:

  • Rebalancing Initiative:
    This long-awaited project is progressing well, though I do apologize for the continued delays. With me being the one promising a release LAST december, im going to invest the majority of my time now to this project! The rest of the Team wasnt sitting around however, they worked hard on the balancing and testing. We also had several challenges, including severe DDoS attacks and limited team availability, that interfered with our plans. At two times we had to restart the whole process again thanks to Rappelz being an old game and full of (un)fun surprises! (Fun Fact: Did you know that Reviac has already the highest HP amount we are able to give ANY monster?) By now we have almost all figured out and are able to progress with the actual balancing. And its gonna be big...!

We share some more informations soon. =)


At the end I just want to thank you, the Gambit Community, for your understanding and continuous support. It honestly is an amazing feeling to come back after half a year and see you all thriving more than ever. Your enthusiasm and commitment makes Gambit what it is today. Thank you so much!

Cheers, Teigo