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Halloween Invasion


Halloween Invasion
  • Published Sunday, October 22, 2023 9:23 AM
  • Last modified Sunday, October 22, 2023 9:36 AM

During the Halloween Season every six hours is an invasion heppening.

  • 00:00
  • 06:00
  • 12:00
  • 18:00

Invasions will last for one hour, monsters will be revived if killed, but bosses will not.

Each day you will be assigned to a new team. Either trick or treat.

The team that scores the most points will win x5 Halloween invasion bags. (These can be picked up at the event NPC or automatically when a monster of the invasion is killed the following day is killed).

The possible contents are as follows:

  • Necromancer Crystals
  • Blessing of the Deva Lv. 2
  • Blessing of the Deva
  • Bottle of the Fairy Godmother
  • Creature Resurrection scroll
  • Lv2 bottles for potions

Bosses can drop the following:

  • Necromancer Crystals
  • Growth Potion Supreme
  • Enhanced Teardrop Stones
  • Chamber of Time - Game Coin

Levels 170-190 receive one point per monster killed. Levels 190+ receive 10 points per monster killed.

Level 170-190 and 190-210 bosses are worth 100 points, levels 210+ are worth 1000 points.

If you kill monsters that you do not kill for yourself, you will not receive any points for your team for this kill. (Example: You are level 200 and kill a level 170-190 monster, you will not receive any points).

Here are the Locations of the Invasion:

Image title