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Mercenary Class Guide

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Mercenary Class Guide
  • Published Wednesday, August 3, 2022 10:11 AM
  • Last modified Monday, October 31, 2022 5:10 PM

Learn more about the Deva Warrior class in Rappelz. The Mercenary is a class with a high physical attack and an okay defense. The class is the result of the development of the Holy Warrior and the Soldier. Mercenaries are very popular in dungeon parties. This is because they deal a lot of damage and could also tank solidly in an emergency.

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General Information to the Mercenary

The Mercenary is a mixture of the Hunter and Warrior classes, but is assigned to the Warrior in the game. This makes the Deva race a special one. While the Asura have the Hunter Deadeye in addition to the Slayer and the Gaia have the Hunter Marksman in addition to the Berserker, the Deva race doesn′t really have a Hunter class. So unlike the Templar, the Mercenary is somewhere between Hunter and Warrior. Officially, however, they are considered Warriors. Accordingly, Mercenaries have high HP, good defense and extremely high damage.
Holy Warrior-->Soldier-->Mercenary

Equipment Mercenary

In terms of equipment, you are looking for armor with 3-4 slots for Soul Stones. The armor should come as close as possible to 11 Critical Power. Also, a good value on HP would be useful.

Gloves should have 3 slots for Soul Stones. 11 CP is the goal here as well. A high hit accuracy is also important to me. Also for the shoes you should reach 3 slots. Important stats for me are Evasion and Movement Speed. You can check the maximum stats for each item here. Rappelz - Undefined Equipment Rolls Image title

Soul Stones for a Mercenary

When it comes to Soul Stones, we recommend a maximum of Critical Power, followed by as many Strength Stones as possible. You can also add other values, such as Vitality, but the combination of Str + CP works very well. And even without Vitality stones, you can achieve a HP of 1.5m to an estimated 2m. Soul Stones for Mercenary Build

Weapons for the Mercenary

Now, of course, we want to arm our Mercenary. A 2h spear is recommended as the main weapon. With it you can use skills like Wild Stream. WS is one of your strongest skills and can be used especially to pull mobs.

As an alternative but also supplement you should have 2x 1h swords. 1h swords offer a higher P.Atk than the 2h sword (totally gaga) and attack faster. This way you can heal better with 1h swords than with a spear.

Additionally a shield is very useful. Because the Merc has 3x skills that greatly to completely reduce the damage received. Two of them can only be activated with a shield.

For PVP you can additionally use a 2h Mace as an alternative to the spear. The damage spent is slightly reduced, but this way you have access to a 7 second stun. Image title

Belt Pets

-S4 Mino, S3 Mino, S3 Mino, S4 Unicorn, S4 Unicorn, Reviac, Soul of Lunacy, P. Hektor

-S4 Mino, S3 Mino, S3 Mino, S4 Nightmare, S4 Nightmare, Reviac, Soul of Lunacy, P. Hektor

-S4 Mino, S3 Mino, S3 Mino, S0 Koala, S0 Koala, Reviac, Soul of Lunacy, P. Hektor

Merc Nightmare Merc Unicorn Merc Koala

Mino is to expensive? Then you can use Hawkmans. Hawkman Set

Another possbility would be S1 Undine, S1 Bloodthirsty Slaughterer, S1 Mino

The Soul of Lunacy card (which additionally heals your character) can also be exchanged for a Mephisto card. In Farm Mode, you would swap this card for a Bear Mother Card. For PVP you can also think about Obsidikar (Grewpain), Primal Scream or Abhuva. Make a Bukka...ehh...BUTKADAH Card. This will increase your Grace Level.

If you are one of the lucky ones who somehow get the Boss Card from the Skeleton in the Sky Fortress, you can also use it.

As well, Spear-Only users can also remove the P. Hector Card and try other combinations. For example, Reviac + Soul + Mephisto.

Skill for the Equip

The Mercenary uses the skill Einheitlicher Glaube (Invi Aura) on armor, shoes, gloves and the emblem. As well you can do a Light Speed Set for farming or try a Immo Set or Dual Strike set, even if i personally think that's a bad idea, due to a way to hard loss in Stats. Soul Stones for Mercenary Build

Buff Pets and Pets

In addition to Belt Pets, Pets and Buff Pets also come into play. As a mainpet you usually use an EP or a BS. The EP provides heals and a Str buff, while the BS with its Unity provides a strong boost to Vitality and Strenght. Of course, you can use other pets as well, but I would recommend these the most. The BS is also responsible for creating level 2 potions. This will give you additional Vit and Str.

Buff Pets are important too. Death Tyrant adds +1 Skill Level for 60 Minutes. Rappelz Gambit Death Tyrant Buff The Gnoll gives a buff for -50% DMG when its S4 lvl 200 Gnoll Buff As well a Soul Pet with Evasion buff is awesome support. Evasion Buff

##Awakenings for the Merc While you can achieve a lot with the standard equipment, the Awakenings provides an additional boost. Acces. should bring a minimum of +15 CP per item. Once you reach Sky and lvl 219, you can add +90 XXX to your jewelry. Here the most sensible choice is between Str, Vit and Dex. I prefer to use Str here.

Awakenings on weapons cannot contain CP. The choice here for me goes primarily to Str, followed by Vit. An additional boost to hit accuracy would be the cherry on top.

Important Skills

When it comes to skills, only a few are really important. Wild Stream is an initial hit that pulls an insanely strong AOE Dot behind it. This skill is ideal for drawing mobs to you. Most of the time the mobs are already dead as soon as they arrive at the fighting spot. Mercenary Wild Stream

Dual Strike is your strongest skill. It can be used with both the 2h spear and the 1h swords. Since you have a higher P.Atk on the swords, I would always switch to the swords first with V before using the skill. Dual Strike

While you also have Breaker, which debuffs enemies′ defense and attack, these skills are usually not worth using because the Opportunits damage is too high. And from Sky on, only the Offense Breaker is interesting anyway. Defense Breaker Offense Breaker Mental Breaker

More important is the skill Restrain. If this is activated on a target, you have a higher damage with skills. Ideal for PVP or boss fights. Rappelz Merc Restrain

Mental Breaker is the only useful breaker. It restores a high amount of mana. Even though you rarely really lose mana, Mental Breaker guarantees you an endless pool of mana.
Defense Breaker Offense Breaker Mental Breaker

Self buffs include Divine Cluster (useless) and Blessing. Additionally, you can activate Holy Aura as a toggle and Provocation as a toggle. Rappelz Mercenary Self Buffs and Toggles

The most important self toggles are Invi Aura and its defense counterpart. You can activate both skills at the same time. Especially with the second skill the question often comes up, if it is necessary at all, because it also lowers the P.Atk. The answer is a clear yes. Rappelz Invi Aura Defense Position Mercenary

The next important skill is Immo. This gives you a 20 second immortality buff, with a short CD. Image title

Due to any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

This Guide was compiled by the Player Hiich