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Parallel World Guide for Rappelz Gambit

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Parallel World Guide for Rappelz Gambit
  • Published Sunday, August 28, 2022 11:36 PM
  • Last modified Monday, October 31, 2022 5:09 PM

In this guide you will get more information about the Parallel World. Learn how to enter this special dungeon, which monsters await you there and which loot you can farm there. Rappelz Parallel World PW Guide Watch the Youtube Video Guide here

What is the Parallel World

The Parallel World is an Insta Dungeon that has existed since Epic 9.2. Every player or his party can enter the dungeon and find themselves in their very own dungeon, similar to DevilDome or Blue Dragon.

##How can I enter the Parallel World in Rappelz Contrary to most other dungeons, the parallel world works a little differently. Here you actually have to pay admission (in the form of a fake ticket).

##Where do I get the faked Ticket for Parallel World You can get the ticket from an NPC. This can be found, for example, in the Hidden Village. Ticket for Parallel World

##Where can I use the ticket, to enter the PW After you buy a ticket, go to another NPC. This NPC can also be found in all towns and in the hidden village. There you can show your ticket and enter the parallel world. Once a day, this NPC will also give you a free ticket to the parallel world. With one ticket you can enter the parallel world twice. Enter the Parallel World

##Whats to do in the PW In the parallel world there are mobs and bosses. These mobs do not respawn. Once you have cleared the dungeon, you must leave it to defeat the mobs again and farm their loot. A total of six bosses await you. You have to defeat the bosses one by one in the right order. If you defeat Boss 1, Boss 2 will spawn, if you defeat Boss 2, Boss 3 will spawn.

There are six bosses in total in the parallel world. Parallel World Bosses

##What do the bosses in the Parallel World drop? Although the Parallel World is not used by players that often anymore, it contains important drops. Bosses in the PW drop pet artifacts, which you need for a 50% dmg debuff from your Gnoll, for example. Also, awakening stones are given for your accessories like rings, earrings and necklaces. Parallel World Drops Rappelz Gambit

##And what other drops are there Besides the bosses, there are also normal mobs in the parallel world. Besides the unique boss drops, you can also get parallel world equipment and BPOCs. You can unpack the equipment together with the BPOCs to get good equipment with +1 on one skill. You can find more detailed instructions in the video linked above.

If you wanna know how good your equip is feel free to check this guide. BPOC and Gouverneur Equip Parallel World

This Guide was compiled by the Player Hiich