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Protect the beach - Event


Protect the beach - Event
  • Published Saturday, July 16, 2022 6:54 PM
  • Last modified Saturday, July 16, 2022 7:03 PM

Citizens of Gaia,

there is too much garbage that is thrown away and not recycled properly. Fragments of consumer goods, empty bottles, food waste... now you have the chance to dispose of them. Will you recycle? From now on, you can collect scraps dropped by monsters on the continent and take them to an NPC of your choice.

For every 10 scraps you drop off at the Illegal Waste Officer, you will receive a Compensation Box for disposal. Included is a chance to win one of the following:

  1. Marble Candy
    Special candy that grants a Lvl 5 attack speed buff for 60 minutes.
  2. Cotton Candy
    Special candy that grants a Lvl 5 spell time buff for 60 minutes.
  3. Star Candy
    Special candy that grants a Lvl 5 speed buff for 60 minutes.
  4. Lollipop
    Special candy that restores 10,000 HP.
  5. Candy Cane
    Special candy that restores 10,000 MP.
  6. Dirty Strength
    Special candy that increases critical power by 20.
  7. Polluted Luck
    Special candy that increases luck by 50.
  8. Stamina Saver (Not for sale)
    This powerful potion instantly restores 200 stamina and prevents you from losing stamina in adventures for 1 hour
  9. Blessing of the Deva Lvl.2 Blessing of the Deva Scroll. Contains powerful sacred energy.
  10. Number Box
    A box in which papers are engraved with #1-20.
  11. Lunachip: Attack
    When attacking, the luna chip effect is activated for 1 hour.

When a total of 1000 Wastes have been delivered to the Illegal Wastes Officer, a Boss appears on the Burning Sands shore, casting a server-wide debuff of -5% Speed, Casting Speed, and Ang. Speed. For every 250 wastes delivered, another boss will spawn. If a boss has already spawned, this debuff will be increased by 1%, so make sure you kill it when it appears. A maximum of 15 bosses can appear at once, for a total of -19% Speed, Spell Speed, and Ang. Speed...

Alternatively, you can drop off the trash you find at the recycling operator. This will give you an EXP buff for 10 minutes. If you already have the buff, it will be extended by 10 minutes. For every 250 drops of trash delivered, the server will receive an increase in drop rate for 3 hours.

Note: When the event ends, this buff will be removed. The buff will continue if your character is not online.