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Summer vacation event


Summer vacation event
  • Published Sunday, July 30, 2023 9:14 AM
  • Last modified Sunday, July 30, 2023 9:55 AM

Every day you can accept a quest to collect 100 ice bags that all monsters can drop.
Bring them back to the NPC and get an EXP bonus. It is possible to complete the quest 8x per day, but after the first time you will have to pay a fee. Each time the quest is completed, the EXP buff given is higher.Or use the ice packs to get a buff for 30 min.

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Every day at 6am server time (MESZ) the quest counter will be reset.
If you accept a quest before 6am but complete it after 6am, it will count as the 1st quest for resetting, not for the previous day.

Second, monsters across the continent can drop "vacation bonus envelopes". These can either be opened for a reward or exchanged for a random reward.
The contents, when opened, will be one of the options listed below:

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You can trade in a maximum of 50 "Holiday Bonus Envelopes" per day to the NPC, and open a maximum of 50 envelopes per day, for a total of 100.
The envelope with vacation bonus cannot be traded.

*Quests can be accepted by any char
*Opening and trading of envelopes is account bound, as well as resetting the quest