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Talisman - A new Unique Item!

Update notes

Talisman - A new Unique Item!
  • Published Sunday, June 2, 2024 2:37 PM
  • Last modified Sunday, June 2, 2024 3:05 PM

Talisman - A new Unique Item

Hello Everyone,

We just now released the Talisman Item!

This new type of Item will allow you to choose from a variety of effects to further customize your Character. You will find the Talisman Merchant in the middle of the Hidden Village. The NPC will offer you Talisman for purchase once you reach level 200 and above.

The currently available effects are the following:

  • Strength +50
  • Vitality +50
  • Agility +50
  • Dexterity +50
  • Intelligence +50
  • Wisdom +50
  • Luck +50
  • Physical Attack +1000
  • Magical Attack +1000
  • Physical Defense +2000
  • Magical Defense +2000
  • Move Speed +50
  • Accuracy +500
  • Magic Accuracy +500
  • Evasion +50
  • Magic Resist +50

You can use as many at the same time as you want, but only 1 of each kind.

More In-Depth Explanations

Our Moderator Vanya wrote a more In-Depth Explanation of the Talisman System here.

Experimental Testing Phase

The Talisman Item is still in its experimental testing phase and will be improved further in the near future. If you find any issues with it or have any other feedback, please share those in the Feedback Channels on our Discord.

We hope you enjoy the new Feature!