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Tower of the Champions


Tower of the Champions
  • Published Tuesday, June 15, 2021 6:35 PM
  • Last modified Wednesday, June 16, 2021 7:22 AM

Tower of the Champions is a new weekly game mode where Master Class players, that have reached level 180, take part of a siege to prove what they′re made of. The tower entrance is located to the south of the Hidden Village.



The game mode is held weekly and can only be participated alone. The tower includes many difficult monsters the participant has to defeat in order to collect points. Participants objective is to collect as many points as possible.

The tower can be entered once a day. If you die in the tower, or leave before completing the stage, your turn for the day is over.



Players can participate from Monday to Friday. Participating from Mondary to Thursday is optional, but participating on Friday is mandatory if player wishes to take part of the evaluation process.

The champions of the tower can pick up their prize, for their efforts, on Saturday and Sunday. Top 3 champions receive a unique decorative armor set for the following week to show off their immaculate performance.

The tower participation is reset every day at 23:59 MESZ.


Important to know

While participating in the tower, the player will be disqualified for using Scroll of Rebirth and/or Homonculus Heart at any given time.

Players who achieved at least top 3 position can not participate in the following week.


  • Any Master Class;
  • At least level 180;